Global Missions Prayer Points


Sister Denise Taylor, Missions Prayer Coordinator


The missionaries we support are Kelly and Ursula Daniel and their three children: Keliann, Katherine and Kelly, Jr.


Pray for :

- God’s protection, provisions, favor and anointing upon the Daniel Family in their ministry to the Albanians- 

- Increased finances to meet the medical, social  and employment needs of the people, especially the Gypsies which are the neediest

- A full-time teacher to work with the children of the Daniel Family.  Also, for finances to pay for their oldest daughter’s college expenses here in the US.

- Continued protection from the direct and indirect attacks of the enemy against their safety, reputation and human rights


We collaborate and support several pastors and churches which have been involved with Urban and Global Missions Alliance.  These include:

- Seed of Life Worship Center – Pastors Tom and Victoria Gibbs

- Famia de Dios – Pastor Frederick and Sis. Patricia Heemstadt have each gone home to be with the Lord.  Pray for their daughter and other leaders to be able to carry out the work as the Lord leads.

- Iglesia Emannel  -  Pastor Gilbert and Sister Stella Maartes

Pray for:

- God’s anointing and favor upon their ministries and particularly their outreach at home, in Venezuela and other areas in need of the Gospel in conjunction with Urban & Global Missions Alliance

- For finances and short-term missions teams to assist them in these endeavors

Azerbaijan, Central Asia

Pray for:

- Missionaries who will serve long-term in Azerbaijan and other unreached people Protection, Provision, Favor and God’s Anointing upon missionaries

- The openness of the Azerbaijani people to the Gospel in light of their Muslim background

- The spiritual growth and health of the new converts


Brother James Washington, Missions Prayer Coordinator

This is the West African country where our  Adopted Unreached People Group , the Baka (pygmies) live.   Our missionaries in this region are:

- Dr. Reda Anderton & Family (Husband Phil went home to be with the Lord in 2005; Sons Noah and Nelson are there with her now; others have returned to the US)

- Barry & Desma Abbott

- Nathan & Laurel Conrad

Pray for:

- Protection, Provisions, Favor and God’s Anointing upon our missionaries in reaching the Baka People for Jesus

- Pray for the continued success for the missionaries with regard to continued growth of the Baka new converts and newly appointed church elders who make up the budding churches.

- God’s grace upon Dr. Anderton and her children as they serve the Baka people


We have partnered with Christ Center in Junction Oregon in outreach to Cuba:

Pray for:

- People of Cuba to be delivered from the oppressive dictatorships of Raúl Castro and the existing government restraints of Communism which hinders the spread of the Gospel

- New opportunities for the spread of the Gospel to come about in light of the recent changes allowing travel between the US and Cuba

- Leaders and members of Christ Center in Junction, Oregon as they conduct pastors’ conferences and other evangelistic and discipleship efforts in Cuba. 

Dominican Republic

Sister Claire Davidson, MPC

Pray for:

- God to provide medical personnel and support staff to serve on the medical missions team and the evangelistic efforts scheduled for July 2016. Pray for the health of the team in light of concerns about the Zika virus.

- God’s provision, protection and anointing upon the members of the team

- The impoverished communities of Soco, Santa Fe and Managuyabo which are the locations of the medical mission. Ask God for their  receptivity to the Gospel, as well as for divine healings that will ignite their faith.

- For effective collaboration with Pastors Montero and Espiritu and the churches which they lead 

- Many of the Dominicans and migrant Haitians who lost their homes during recent hurricanes and the earthquake of 2009 in Haiti.

Equatorial Guinea

Brother James Washington, MPC

Pray for:

- The new leaders of the Good News School of English which was established by Missionary Mendall Rogers during her 8 years in EG. She taught native-Spanish speakers how to speak English using a curriculum based on the Bible.

- Pray for Pastor Raymond Ocansey and his family as they seek to lead a church and continue the ministry started by Menall.

- Spiritual growth and steadfastness of students who have received Christ and for others to be saved.

- Ask the Lord to  continue sending students, providing funds and a more permanent location for the school.  

Harlem, New York

This is our Jerusalem which as the home front is the proving ground for all foreign missions efforts overseas.


Pray for:

- Bishop Carlton Brown, Associate Pastor Gordon Williams, our Elders, Deacons and Leaders to be led of the Spirit

- That all the members of our church would live evangelistic lives and actively seek to be involved in discipleship efforts at home and abroad through prayer, giving, sending and going

- For all of our ongoing outreach ministries including: Beth-Hark Christian Counseling Center, Saturday Invasion, Ministry After Dark, International Guest Outreach, Wednesday Visitors’ Service and Operation Spiritual Thunder

- Bethel Gospel Global Assemblies churches in the Harlem, the Bronx, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, etc.

- Unity amongst the churches in Harlem and in the Greater New York area with regards to collaborative evangelistic efforts

- Our President Donald Trump, his cabinet. Also ask God to give wisdom to all federal, state and local government officials, church, business and human service leaders.


We support the work of Alpha International Ministries (AIM) which is led by one of our former members, Benny Matthews and his family members.

Pray for:

- Protection, Provisions, Favor and the Anointing on the ministers and missionaries to reach the lost Hindus and Muslims of Gujarat state and other parts of Northern India

- Safety for the missionaries and pastors who have often been threatened by Hindus angry at the growing influence of the church

- Alpha Ministries be able to train 100,000 leaders by 2020 who will each plant two churches and train five leaders in Asia.

- Aji Matthews, an AIM pastor who is in prison for sharing his faith in North India.


Sister Stephanie Kirnon-Brooks, MPC

We support Jews for Jesus and Chosen People Ministries which seek to reach Jewish people in the US, Israel and throughout the world.

Pray for:

- Peace of Jerusalem as commanded by scripture and in light of threats from Iran and others

- Protection, Provision, Favor and the anointing about these missionaries as they share the Gospel with the Jewish people here in New York and throughout the world

- A move of the Holy Spirit which opens the blinded eyes of the Jewish people to the fact that Jesus is the Messiah which was prophesied by the scriptures


Sister Clair Davidson, MPC

Pray for:

- Staff, resources and overall well-being of Union Gardens Christian Academy Pre-school which is in this impoverished area of Kingston, Jamaica

- The children and parents of the school and community to continue to be open to the Gospel

- Pastor Ridley Buchanan and his wife, Evangelist Joan (Married April 26, 2008), to be granted good health, all needed resources, favor and God’s anointing as they pastor Old Fashioned Church of God.

- Anointing upon the team and ministry during the Jamaica Evangelistic Crusade scheduled for July 2016. Pray for the health of the team, especially in light of the Zika virus.  


Our missionaries are Pastor James Whitaker and his wife, Gloria.


Pray for:

- Good Health, Provisions, Favor and Anointing upon Pastor Whitaker and Zion Christian Fellowship

- Zion Christian Academy which services children in the immediate vicinity of the church from Christian and non-Christian homes

- Success of continued outreach efforts in the Philippines 


Brother James Washington, Missions Prayer Coordinator

- Pray that final approval will be given for the start of the Master’s in Counseling Program developed by Bethel member Dr. Janet Lerner, in conjunction with the Assemblies of God Bible College in Brewerville.

- Pray for Dr. Lerner’s frequent trips to Liberia. Ask the Lord to grant her safety and success in handling business related to the counseling program and otherwise.

- Pray for continued health of the Liberian people in light of last year’s ebola crisis.  Also, that there will be no further stigmatization of Liberians (and other West Africans) at home and in places such as the United States in light of ebola.  

- Pray for effective education, employment and training programs which can lead to productive and self-sustaining individuals and families.  


We support many ministries in Nigeria and have a portion of our membership from this location.


Pray for:

- The medical center in Ekku Delta State which we sent a team to in April 2007 as we partnered with Pastor Gabriel of Redeemed Full Gospel Church.  It is a very needy facility which needs funding for renovation and continued resources and maintenance. 

- Children Evangelism Ministry geared to reach children for Christ and Pastor Alex Lakoju  and his wife, Agatha, who are missionaries to the USA from this ministry.

- Dr. Mark and Ozioma Ogharaerumi who serve as linguists translating the Bible into languages of unreached people groups in Nigeria.

- Persecuted Christians and the advancement of the gospel amongst Muslims in Northern Nigeria.  


Please pray for :

- God’s protection, provisions, favor and anointing upon John &

Emilia Ceuta to the ministry in Romania

- New opportunities to spread the gospel and to plant many churches

- The Staff and Students (100) of the Social Day Care project Romania Kids and also Grace Feeding Center(250 people). Also pray for sponsorship of the students from poor families and finance to continue this  dynamic endeavors

- For 55 churches all over Romania they would grow spiritually, numerically and in terms of resources.

- For new construction projects (School and Gym) for K-12. Presently,

we have 370 students. This will be the first Christian School in the South of Romania who will have this program K-12.

- For medical personnel and support staff for the missions trip scheduled for August 2016. Also pray for the proposed evangelistic crusade efforts.  Ask God to guide and protect those who go. 


We support the work of Christ Center in Junction, Oregon led by Pastor Joshua Reed, as they send short-term missionaries such as Brother Herb Christianson to do prison ministry near the Northern Euro Mountains

Pray for:


- Protection, Provisions, Favor and Anointing upon the teams which minister to the 27 prisons in that area

- A new 4 wheel drive vehicle which can be used to navigate the difficult roads in that area of Russia

- God’s guidance in the formation of short-term missions teams to join with Brother Christianson in this outreach to those who are imprisoned 

St. Maarten

We support the ministry of Pastor Orlando and Sis. Glenda Wilson


Pray for:


- Health, Provisions, Favor and God’s Anointing upon the Wilsons, their church and ministry

- The St. Marten United Ministerial Front as they continue to work together for the advancement of God’s Kingdom as was witnessed during the Caribbean Great Commission Conference held in June 2007

South Africa

Our missionary, Dr. Ruth Onukwue, is the executive director of Bethel Gospel Assemblies Ministries Trust in South Africa.                                          


Pray for:


- Good health, provisions, favor and God’s anointing for Dr. Ruth in ministering to the needs of the South African people

- The staff and students (about 140) of Harmony Christian School that all would grow spiritually and that an environment of learning would be fostered.  Also pray for the sponsorship of students from poor families and for finances to continue this dynamic endeavor.

- Pray for the continued success of the Chicken Farm and for similar efforts such as a potential gaming farm which can provide funding streams.

- The 5 churches which have been planted in South Africa under Bethel Gospel Assembly Ministries Trust that they would grow in spirit, resources and numerically under the oversight of Bishop Carlton Brown assisted by Bishop Wiki Vuyulele.    

- Pray for Emmanuel and Glorious Iheaka, Nigerian missionaries, as they serve in the Transkei.  Pray for Willowvale Gospel Assembly and its growth.  It is led by Pastor and Sister Simkoko. 

- Pray for God’s will regarding future Short-Term Missions efforts in South Africa.


There are several pastors we have met and supported through the Urban and Global Missions Alliance including:  Pastors Alberto, Fonseca, Luis, Tomas, Enoc and Diaz.


Pray for:


- That each of these pastors and their churches would move forward with God’s vision

- That each pastor would experience adequate personal provisions, God’s anointing and wisdom to meet the needs of Venezuelan people

- The door for short-term medical missions trips to be open for us despite past challenges America has faced in dealing with the government.

- Pray for stability in the government and the economy. It is one of the world’s most dangerous countries with violence and crime out of control


Sister Lina Baptist, MPC

We have supported the churches of Pentecostal Assemblies of God in Zambia since the 1970s.


Pray for:


- Unity of the leadership, God’s anointing and finances for the growing churches of the PAOG-Zambia

- The General Superintendent, Bishop Harrison Sakala, to be granted wisdom to give leadership to this organization of over 1700 churches

- Continued success of Lazarus Ministry for AIDS Orphans under the direction of Bishop Joshua Banda in Northmead.

- The stability of the Zambian government and that God will raise up faithful Christians to serve and build up this country which has been dedicated to God.

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